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Home television Television Zee TV launches new show Afsar Bitiya

Zee TV launches new show Afsar Bitiya

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Jab Ek Ladki Padhti Hai toh Duniya badalti hai  ,ZEE TV is bringing a new heart wrenching; motivational show titled as Afsar Bitiya. Afsar Bitiya is a story of simple hard working girl named Krishna. Krishna has an urge to get educated and story is about her struggle to get success in her life.
Promos of the show are aired on the channel where Sanghmitra Hitaishi is seen as Sharda Kumar who is an I.A.S. officer. Apart from this actor Shahbaaz Khan who has worked in more than 40 Hindi movies will also be seen in a pivotal role in the new show Afsar Bitiya. Shahbaaz Khan was last seen on NDTV Imagine’s Looteri Dulhan. Afsar Bitiya is produced by Rakesh Paswan. It is also heard that ZEE TV other show Sanskar Lakshmi will be go off air so it may be Afsar Bitiya can be take place the time slot of 10:30 PM.Don’t forget to watch the daily episode of Afsar Bitiyar from 31st Oct 2011.

Educating girls is one of the strongest ways not only to improve gender equality, but to promote economic growth and the healthy development of families, communities and nations. Taking  this thought forward, Zee TV, India’s leading Hindi General Entertainment Channel, is all set to  bring to its viewers a new series whose universal appeal and topicality will prove to be a ray of hope and inspiration to many. Titled ‘Afsar Bitiya’ and set in Bhagalpur (Bihar), this show will throw light on the importance of female education and issues surrounding their education. It talks about a young girl’s resilience, aspirations, dreams and motivation to work harder and make a mark in society despite all adversities. The story traces the journey of Krishna, whose life centers around getting a good education to improve her family’s life. She is quiet and demure yet a go-getter.

Enacting the lead role of Krishna, who embodies all the virtues of an ambitious woman and is strong enough to become self sufficient is a charming newcomer, Mitali Nag. From a lower middle class family where no one had ever got a better job than a clerk, this girl rises against all odds and happens to become a B.D.O. (Block Development Officer) through her sheer hard work. Her life and her family’s life change forever after she becomes an ‘Afsar Bitiya’. The show then traces the journey of this honest and determined girl from an extremely moderate background who deals with ever changing family situations after she becomes successful in her career.

Speaking on the launch, the Fiction Head of the channel, Mr. Sukesh Motwani said, “Afsar Bitiya is a story of a girl who makes a mark in her life and becomes someone to reckon in the society only through sheer hard work and dedication towards studies. I hope audiences will be inspired and inculcate the zest to study and become ‘someone’ whom others will want to emulate. Zee TV has a longstanding commitment of addressing social concerns prevalent in India by giving a solution and educating the masses on ways to tackle these issues.”
Afsar Bitiya’ is produced by the popular television content writer Mr. Rakesh Paswan under the banner ‘Village Boy Productions’. On his first time production, Mr. Paswan said, “This subject is very close to my heart as the inspiration of the story is my own little sister who is a BDO in one of the districts in Jharkhand. Through the lead protagonist Krishna, I hope millions of girls residing in small towns and villages of India will be inspired to pursue their dreams and not succumb to societal pressures. I also want to send a message to all the parents to give equal importance to their daughters to help them build a bright and glorious career for themselves.”

Apart from Mitali Nag, veteran actors Virendra Saxena and Shahbaz Khan and young heartthrobs Kinshuk Mahajan, Yash Sinha, Shivshakti Sachdev have been chosen to play pivotal roles in this primetime saga. Says Mitali Nag, “I’m absolutely thrilled to have bagged the lead role of Krishna in ‘Afsar Bitiya’ simply because of its strong social message! A Block Development Officer is a person who works towards community development and helps in uplifting the lives of the weaker sections of the society. I read a lot about the responsibilities of a B.D.O before taking up this project and it really inspired me. I’ll feel good if I’m able to inspire even one young Indian girl among teeming millions to become a B. D. O.”

To spread the message of female education and women empowerment, the channel has lined up extensive BTL activities which will be done across many schools and colleges in India.
Krishna’s unexpected achievement brings in a lot of happiness for her family, but is her happiness meant to stay forever? Her sudden accomplishment attracts not only fame but many difficulties. Will Krishna’s values remain intact after she becomes ‘Afsar Bitiya’? Will her position in the society allow her to become a doting and caring wife? Will the nature of her job allow her to remain an obedient daughter and a devoted daughter-in-law? How an honest and determined girl from a moderate background adapts to changing situations is what makes the narrative of AFSAR BITIYA a poignant one! Watch out for ‘Afsar Bitiya’ only on Zee TV!

Krishna (Mitali Nag)
Krishna Raj played by Mitali Nag is the lead protagonist of the show. Krishna is the fourth child of a lower middle class family in a small town called Bhagalpur in Bihar. She is 22 years old but much more confident than girls of her age. Her confidence stems from her knowledge that she constantly garners by being immersed in the world of books. Krishna is a very simple girl with average but sharp looks and mostly keeps to herself. Though her family has not been very supportive towards her higher education, her zeal to continue studying eventually made her a successful Government officer. Krishna rose to the position of a Block Development Officer, which brought in a lot of changes in her life as well as in her family. This story is all about how Krishna deals with the trials and tribulations of life while juggling between being a dutiful daughter/daughter-in-law and an honest Government officer.

Vidyapati Raj (Virendra Saxena)
Vidyapati Raj epitomizes the struggle of the average middle class Indian toiling hard to make both ends meet and support his family. He is the sole bread winner of a family consisting of his wife and five children. A government clerk working for the Bhagalpur Tasar Board, heis an honest worker and a kind hearted person. A middle class person has no desires to touch the stars and Vidyapati is no different. His only wish is to see his son become a government officer.

Pintu Singh (Kinshuk Mahajan)
Pintu Singh is the quintessential village goon who is the youngest child in the family and has been pampered all his life making him a brat. He does not believe in getting himself employed where he has to take orders from someone else. Hence, Pintu prefers to work under the shadow of his father. He has imbibed characteristics unique to both his father and mother. He confronts every situation with his confident street smart attitude like his father, Tuntun Singh but at the same time has a pure and tender heart like his mother, Ganga. Though he comes across as rough and brash, deep down he is a good human being. Pintu’s ‘dadagiri’ methods are tested when he has a tiff with B.D.O. Krishna initially but ends up falling in love with her.

Tuntun Singh (Shahbaz Khan)
Tuntun Singh is a parallel government in himself as he keeps Bhagalpur under his thumb. His word is the law and no one dares oppose the fearless Don. He is a contractor by profession and enjoys an unchallenged monopoly in his profession. Tuntun Singh is a tall, handsome man who even at his age has maintained a good physique. He comes across as a dominating and harsh person but in contrast his words are woven in the form of lyrical verses. Tuntun secretly harbors a dream of becoming an M.L.A. one day.

Pinky  (Shivshakti Sachdev)
Pinky is the only daughter of Bihari and Dehati which makes her Krishna’s cousin sister. She is a classic example of spare the rod, spoil the child. Pinky is a pampered and spoilt brat who is constantly throwing tantrums. Her character spells evil and like her mother she leaves no stone unturned to belittle her poor cousins. She is an average student with average brains but her father’s wealth and clout ensures she has an easy way out in life. She is extremely stubborn and always competing with her cousin Krishna. Pinky can go to any lengths to fulfill her wants and desires and will be seen as a trouble maker in Krishna’s life.


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