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Kuch To Log Kahaenge

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Kuch To Log Kahenge that goes on air from October 3, 2011 on Sony is an adaptation of the popular Pakistani television drama Dhoop Kinare starring Rahat Kazmi and Marina Khan. The television series is being re-written by well-known writer Kamlesh Pandey who has also written the script of Rang De Basanti.
A source says,

The channel and the production house wanted to try something new and decided to remake the popular Pakistani series Dhoop Kinare. The channel even approached the actual story writer Haseena Moin for an approval and she was pleased to learn that her 25 year old series was being remade on Indian television. She had written the story of Dhoop Kinare in just two hours on being challenged by a friend. Furthermore, Haseena ji was happy that Kamlesh Pandey was re-writing the script. However Kamlesh Pandey wasn’t very keen on writing for TV but when he got to know that he had to re-write Dhoop Kinare he readily agreed.

Kuch To Log Kahenge is a love story between an elder man and a younger woman. Kritika Kamra and Mohnish Behl will play the leads Dr. Nidhi Verma and Dr. Ashutosh on the show. Other actors on the show include veteran Alok Nath, Vijay Kashyap and Rukhsar. Tanya Abrol who was last seen in Sony’s Palampur Express is also a part of the show.

When contacted writer Kamlesh Pandey said, “Dhoop Kinare had brought two countries together back then. And if Kuch To Log Kahenge manages to do the same then I would say I have succeeded in my work.

Dr. Ashutosh (played by Mohnish Bahl) – 38-year-old tall, fair, ruggedly handsome and composed like a silent volcano hiding much lava, Dr.Ashutosh is the Chief Surgeon and Head Doctor at the Dr.Kotnis General Hospital. He was an orphan who was adopted by Dr Mathur at the age of eight. Dr Mathur rescued him from his plague-infested village, took him under his love and care and educated him. Due to certain circumstances in his life, Dr Ashutosh has stopped trusting any relationship in his life and has become a loner who has built an unbreakable fort around himself because of which he  is also called ‘Father Hard Stone’ by his staff behind his back. There is something dark and mysterious about him. He is a kind of character men will respect and envy, women will die to know more about him. Dr Ashutosh doesn’t open easily. He has a deep resonant voice which, at times, can make on shake with fear or soothe as a balm. He has a stare that should have the license to kill. He has a sense of dry humor which actually underscores his pain. He lives with his caretaker Hiraman who had been taking care of him since he was brought home by Dr Mathur as an 8-year old orphan

Dr. Nidhi Verma (played by Kritika Kamra) – 24 year old Nidhi is cute, spirited, and full of fun and slightly whacky character. She is of medium height, fair, eyes full of mischief and a smile that’s devastating. It will take exactly 10 seconds for any man to fall in love with her. Nidhi is a fresh MBBS graduate who is forced by her retired army officer father Col. Yograj Sharma to become a doctor because it was her late mother’s last wish. She is a fresh intern at Dr.Kotnis General Hospital where Dr Ashutosh is the Chief Surgeon and Head Doctor. While Nidhi is carefree and jovial, she also has a natural gift for absolutely correct medical diagnosis. An only child of her parents, Nidhi is a pampered kid. She is an irrepressible, incorrigible and an incurable prankster. Since her mother is no more in this world, she is like a friend to her father. Nidhi has a wonderful relation with her best friend Anji. Both girls are each other’s moral and emotional support but at the same time, do not miss a chance to have fun at each other’s cost.


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