Check out Bigg Boss’s new house and its happenings

••Thursday•, 22 •November• 2012 05:55• ??Nayan Karekar?? Television
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Since Bigg Boss’s new house has been introduced, it has garnered lot of attention. Firstly for the look of the house, has a complete contrasting set up of an earthen, rustic. It’s a raw mud house giving the feeling of village type house.


The house now has only two inmates Ashka Garodia and Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirhua) after the third inmate Imam Siddique has left the show. Imam was first to enter in the new house and first to go as well. Followed by Imam, Nirhua and Ashka entered to the house as re-entry in the show after being evicted.

Imam and Ashka had a very controversial fight where even the show maker had to take a decision to let Imam go out of the house. It is also been said that it was show’s strategy to grab more audience as currently show is not able to get the expected TRP ratings.


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