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Movie Review Samrat

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Movie Review Samrat

Director : Kaushik Ghatak

Rajneesh Duggal overacts, Madalsa Sharma needs acting classes, Gopal Dutt looks dumb down version of Deven Verma of 70's, poor writing, pathetic music, silly direction, tacky VFX

Rajshri Films has delivered some big mammoth blockbusters in last 40 years. But most of those blockbusters belong to family drama genre and this time they are trying their hands in complete new genre which is suspense thriller.

Film has rather uninteresting and regresisve plot. A famous detective in Mumbai and a beautiful girl (Madalsa Sharma) comes searching for her straight from Shimla. Detective Samrat (Rajeev Khandelwal) is not only over smart (he can use his 7th sense and tell anyone from where he is coming and some blah blah!) but also irritating. His sidekick CD (Gopal Dutt) is simply irritating with some real dumb jokes every minute. Girl asks Samrat to come to Shimla to solve some mysterious happenings in her bungalow but as one can guess, as Samrat reaches Shimla, her father (Girish Karnad) murdered by her brother. From here on wards, there is rather cliche narrative which takes over and in the end after few more murders and boring twists real culprit revealed.

Performance wise, Rajeev Kahndelwal is very good and it is now irritating to see him in films like this. He tries to bring intensity but poor written material lets him down. Madalsa Sharma tests patience with her plastic act and should excuse us in future. Gopal Dutt as assistant to Samrat tries to to be funny but its really impossible for him. Priyanshu Chaterjee as elder son is bang on and delivers again a decent act. He should be seen more often in meatier roles. Sita Jaykar sleepwalks in her role and so does Girish Karnad. Rajnish Duggal tries to be next John Abraham but he proves yet again that acting is not his cup of tea. Rest of the supporting cast does not deserve a mention.

Editing is crisp and that is big saving grace for the film. Cinematography is decent but VFX looks straight from 90's and provides some real laughable moments. But the real culprit is writing department. Director Kaushik Ghatak and Mnaish Shrivastava look to stuck in 80's while penning this. To be fair, TV series CID has more chills and thrills. The whole idea in itself was contrived.

But yes its director Kaushik  Ghatak who deserves maximum blame as not only he wrote it badly but he executes poorly with almost no energy. There was no effort to make it even average affair.

Film will release on Thursday and should get 400 plus screens. Film will get quite a stiff competition from last week's hit '2 States' and new releases of this week 'Kaanchi' and 'Revolver Rani'.


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