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Movie Review:  DEKH TAMASHA DEKH Director Feroz Abbas Khan shows his command over medium with this perfect social drama, Satish Kaushik is hilarious as always, Tanvi Azmi is impressive, Ganesh Yadav and Vinay Jain are good, effective subtle writing

Film is only for purist as mass audience will not find star value, song and dance entertainment here

Watch it for some real moving performances and relevant socio - political material

Feroz Abbas Khan is veteran and master director in field of theaters. He made award winning'Gandhi My Father' and now he is back with another social political drama 'Dekh Tamasha Dekh'. Film has generated enough buzz in festivals to make keenly anticipated for lovers of pure cinema.

Film has rather interesting plot. Strings of real life bizarre incidences woven to form one story. A cut out of local political leader Muttha Bhai (Satish Kaushik) falls on a poor 'Taange wala' Raheem/Kishan and he dies on the spot. But this man's death creates stir across the area as Muslim claims that he was 'Raheem' but Hindu claims that few years back he was 'Kishan'. His body becomes bone of contention between two religions and presents ineffectiveness of media, police and public all in one. There is also an innocent track of love story between a Hindu boy Prashant and late 'taange' wale's daughter. Tanvi Azmi plays Raheem's wife who lost her first husband too in police firing during earlier riots. How everything in town come back to normal after dreadful riots and chaos forms the rest of the story.

Performance wise, Satish Kaushik delivers an impressive act where mixes humor with subtle acting nuances with much ease. Watch out for scene where he asks editor of newspaper and his new dog to sit, magical! Tanvi Azmi is simply outstanding in the role of widow who lost her both husbands to irony of our times. Watch out for shot when she replies her daughter that she should had ran away with her boyfriend, tear jerking! Film boasts of real gem acts from little known supporting cast, policeman searching for 'Kaalia' dog is hilarious, 'Paandu' thief who lost his life in fire during the communal riot is super, Vinay Jain as Inspector is perfect and both political leaders from rival religions are outstanding.

Editing is crisp and despite shoe string budget, cinematography is richand gives canvas to the film . Screenplay is real hero of the film as it seamlessly joints so many real life hilarious moments into a meaningful tale of our times. watch out for dialogues like -

'Yeh court hai yahan bhaashan mat do'

'Maa log bolte hain paper mein sirf sach baatein chapti hain'

'Muslim area mein jaane ke liye passport lagta hai kya'

'Maa ab main soti hun to neend nahin aati aur khwaab bhi nahin aate'

'choti zaat wale Hindu bhi dafnaate hain to tamasha kis baat ka'

But yes its master craftsman, director Feroz Abbas Khan who deserves all the applaud. He gives us such a perfect film with equal dose of humor, emotions, social tragedy and relevant events. He might not conquer box office with this one but yes, he will win many hearts with such a fantastic portrayal of bizarre events of India's heartland. Take a bow master!





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