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Movie Review 2 STATES

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Movie Review  2 STATES

Director : Abhishek Verman

Producer: Karan Johar, Sajid Nadiadwala

Alia Bhatt steals the show with her electrifying screen presence, Arjun Kapoor looks more of in 'Aurangzeb' mold but still delivers an honest act, director Abhishek Verman shows his command with this impressive debut, entertaining screenplay, Ronit Roy repeats himself but still a fab act

film is 10 minutes too long, drama drags too much with repetitive scenes in 2nd half, music falls short except 'Chaandaniya

Chetan Bhagat might face criticism for his 'bubble gum' writing but his books proved to be a gold mine for Bollywood producers. After stupendous success of '3 Idiots' and 'Kai Po Che', here comes another flick based on his book of same name '2 States'.

Film has simple plot - a south Indian 'fair' looking girl (yes, being fair is big issue for a south Indian as per the script) Ananya (Alia) falls in love with average looking Punjabi guy Krrish (Arjun Kapoor) at IIM Ahmedabad campus. After their 2 year course and intense affair in college, they decide toget married. But their 'cliche cultured' (all Punjabis die after food and south Indians love classical music, really!) families fail to understand respective cultures. How both the families cope up with each other forms major part of the script in addition to how everything falls in place in rather cosmetic way in the end.

Performance wise, Arjun Kapoor is good but that's about it. He remains in same mode throughout, he lacks the stardom of Ranbir or Ranveer but still he tries his best to match up his character. Alia Bhatt is simply outstanding, she looks million bucks and she acts with all the confidence. This film will establish her as next crowd puller at box office. Amrita Singh as Arjun's Punjabi mother is good but again lacks the spark of Kirron Kher from 'Dostana'. Revathi as Alia's mother is fantastic and she makes you smile when she sings 'Beliya Tune kya kiya' from her 90's flick 'Love'. Ronit Roy as Arjun's father sleepwalks the way he did in 'Udaan' and in unreleased 'Ugly'. But still he had some best scenes in the film especially when he slapped by Arjun or when he hugs him in the end. Rest of the supporting cast is good too.

Editing is lazy and film is 10 minutes too long. Cinematography is rich but does not capture any city to its potential. Screenplay is full of emotions and drama but remains superficial throughout. Every problem is solved just like that and there is no honest portrayal of conflict. Also screenplay is full of cliches about south Indian, north Indian and IIM - IIT guys. But most importantly, film entertains and keeps you engrossed in narrative due to superb performance. Music is a big disappointment considering record of Dharma Productions as there is no single chartbuster though 'Chaandaniya' is soulful. But it is director Abhishek Verman who makes a smashing debut and one can see his honest effort in every frame. he is here to stay and delivers super hit debut film.




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