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Movie Review Dedh Ishqiya

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Movie Review Dedh Ishqiya

Director : Abhishek Chaubey

Ratings:  *  *  *

Madhuri Dixit proves her worth, Arshad Warsi sparkles in every scene, Huma Qureshi fits the bill, Naseeruddin Shah is simply outstanding after long time, Viajy Raaj is superb, taut direction, fitting dialogues, soulful music

Vishal Bharadwaj and his camp delivered some real rustic gem  i.e. 'Omkara', 'Kmainey' and 'Ishqiya'. Now his ex assistant Abhishek Chaubey is back with the sequel of sleeper hit 'Ishqiya'. This time Madhuri Dixit gets in the shoes of Vidya Balan.

To start with, film has almost similar plot as of its prequel. Though sadly film has simpler and obvious plot this time around. Film tells a story of widow Para Begum (Madhuri Dixit) who is looking for a husband who should be a poet as per the last wish of her late husband. Razaakh (Arshad Warsi) and Ifftekhar (Naseeruddin Shah) arrive in her town and fall in love with Muniya (Huma Qureshi) and Begum Para respectively. There is local MLA Jaan Mohammad (Vijay Raaj) who is desperate to get married with Begum and thus this equation forms the complex situation. Who is in love with whom and what everybody gets in the end truly form the rest of the story.

Film has decent enough plot but screenplay falters especially in terms of engagement. Too muchstretched shots, unnecessary overuse of shero - shayari and uninspiring suspense work as spoilsport. Though strangely people like me who are fond of Urdu shayari will be amused but majority will find quite a few dialogues incomprehensible. Editing is lazy as film is easily 20 minuteslong and so is the background music which never rises above average.

Performance wise Madhuri Dixit is scene stealer and proves once again her stardom of 90's. She looks apt in this role and owns the character in every which way. Watch out for her dialoguedelivery especially when she says 'Ifftekhar'. Arshad Warsi excels big time but suffers from not so well written character. Naseeruddin gets ample screen time and after all worthless acts in 'Jackpot' and 'Sona Spa', here he delivers a gem of the act. Huma Qureshi is good and will entice few chuckles with bold dialogues. And last but not the least, Vijay Raaj is mind blowing as local powerful MLA and makes you sit back and notice every time he comes on screen.

Dialogues are top notch and once you get it, you will have goosebumps. Songs are soulful but one hit track is missing and even the best track 'Hamari Atariya' comes right at the end. Special mention for 'Jo Hum mein tum mein qaraar tha' and few more golden thumris used beautifully in the film. Watch out for song/thumri during action in climax! But its direction which saves the film - amazing finesses in shot taking, rolling tears and painful eyes with contradictory combination of humorous dialogues keep you glued to the screen. If director Abhishek Chaubey would had spent more time on script than directing it, it would had been the perfect effort.

Film will release around 2000 screens tomorrow and should take a good start riding on star power of Madhuri and sequel factor. But will film sustain in coming days, that is a million dollar question. Slow pace and self indulgence harm this well made flick big time and sadly,


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