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Home REVIEWS Reviews Balak Palak Movie Review

Balak Palak Movie Review

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User Rating: / 143

Balak Palak (Movie Review)

Rating - 4.5 / 5

Director - Ravi Jadhav

Producer - Riteish Deshmukh

What it is - If your child ask plenty of question and sometime you are not able to answer when the questions are related to sex or adult subject; go and watch this film BP - Balak Palak and you will be able to answer with an ease. When a sensitive topic is handled with a comedy and a brilliant performances, what the result comes out is 'Balak - Palak' (BP). This must the first adult content concept movie which any parent can see with their children without any embarrassment feeling. Though its a regional (Marathi) movie, it is applicable for a Universal audience.

Story - Its a story of four kids, Bhagya, Avya, Chioo and Dolly; who are Curious to know why their loving neighbour Jyoti who is like an elder sister had to leave the colony. Everyone in the colony used to say "Jyoti ate Cow's shitt" (in Marathi they says, "Shen Khalla" which means she had an alleged physical relationship before marriage and became pregnant).

The 13 to 14 year old kids are unable to understand what do you mean by eating Cow's shitt. They asks their parent but instead of satisfactory answer they get a tight slap for asking adult topic question. So they take help of their quite elder age friend Vishu. Vishu makes them understand what is sex through videos and books.  But the kids gets in troubles when they get knowledge of adult education in a wrong way. One of their neighbouring Uncle then get them back on the right track.

Music - Though its a Marathi Film, Vishal - Shekhar has done wonderful job with some nice peppy music. Even the sad track in the movie is amazing.

Star Performances - the brilliant and strong performances by all the stars, is the strongest point of film. Especially all the kids casting and their acting looked so realistic.

Final Verdict - The film is out-&out an Eye-opener film. For our narrow minded society such film will play a vital role in order to educate the Parents to how to educate their children. Hats-off to the Director Ravi Jadhav who handled the most sensitive topic of Adult-Education to growing children so brilliantly. The film has been written and directed so well that you will no where feel embarrassing though you watch it with your entire family.

Watch it or not - You have no reason to avoid this movie so just go and watch it in the theater. And don't go alone, watch it with your entire family. Its a complete worth & must watch  Paisa-wasool Film.


Last Updated ( Monday, 07 January 2013 08:43 )  

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