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Home REVIEWS Reviews Khiladi 786 Movie Review.

Khiladi 786 Movie Review.

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User Rating: / 12

Movie Review Khiladi 786.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Asin, Himesh Reshammiya, Mithun Chakraborthy, Raj Babbar, Johny Lever.

Directed By: Ashish R.Mohan

Ratings:  *   *   *

Here comes another entertainer which is out-an-out masala and a fun oriented pot-boiler. Akshay Kumar is back again for what he's best at, This time he brings back the 'Legacy' Khiladi with laughter. The film is directed by First-Timer Ashish R.Mohan who was earlier an associate director to Rohit Shetty.

The film tells story about Bahattar Singh (Akshay Kumar) who is a Punjabi lad. Bahattar Singh dresses up like a cop and displays his magical muscles to help the real uniformed cops to work efficiently. But despite flaunting such amazing power, No girl is willing to marry him. Bahattar Singh has a unique family that consist of a granny being South African, mother a Canadian and aunt a Chinese.

Enter Mansukh Desai (Himesh Reshammiya), who is out to awake himself after his father throws him out of his house, and his business, for ruining his chances at hitting the 500-wedding record. Mansukh's intelligence is put to test and he invests his everything to connect Bahattar Singh with an equally rash and unique Indu Tendulkar (Asin). Indu is adamant to scare away any man. An infamous don Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar aka TTT (Mithun Chakraborthy), is insistent about giving Indu a very good life by finding a groom from a respectable family.

There unfolds a string of lies and complicated cover-ups that eventually lead into confusions, confusions and more confusions.

As i said the film is directed by Ashish R.Mohan who was an associate to Rohit Shetty. In that case, Fun, Masala and Heavy-Dosed south-indian style action keeps the pace of the film a tight gripped. Musically, Himesh Reshammiya does a wonderful job. Cinematography is also good. But for a Comedy-Action entertainer, You have to have amazing timing of Comedy in a performance.

Akshay Kumar is just amazing with his Actions and Charms. After a long time, You are sure to enjoy Akshay Kumar film filled with Action and Comedy. Of course, The 'Jackie Chan' of India. Asin does her part well with her confident acting skills. Mithun Chakraborthy and Johnny Lever are Superb. It is really good to see Raj Babbar with his amazing comical-timings after such a long time. Special mention to Himesh Reshammiya and his Acting. You have to see him to believe, Himesh has grown his acting skills. I assure you, You won't be disappointed after you see him acting in this one. Not to forget, Himesh has also written the story of the film.

Khiladi is back, And this time he is back to entertain you after a gap of approximately 12 years. If you are looking for a Masala Entertainer, Khiladi 786 is your dose.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 December 2012 14:34 )  

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