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Home REVIEWS Reviews Skyfall (Movie Review)

Skyfall (Movie Review)

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Skyfall (Movie Review)

Cast: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Naomie Harris, Berenice Marlohe, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Wishaw.

Director: Sam Mendes

Rating: * * * *

Skyfall is the definitive Bond film which is one of the most imaginative entertainer’s series we have seen so far. Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes have given great mixture of Shakespeare and a whiff of Tennyson. Crackling special effects are superbly looked action frenzy. Sam Mendes is the director who plays with your mind.Screenplay has ticklish tease creeps which makes every scene eye-pleasant. Here the villain sexually provokes Bond and you are left thinking over the sexual orientation of the superspy with a stiff Brit upper lip. Skyfall is a bag of new heady tricks for Bond stuff. It is something that Casino Royale came close to being and Quantum Of Solace was never meant to be.

The rugged, raw 007 (Daniel Craig) is forced to come back from the dead, after the headquarters of MI6 is targeted in London and internal security system of the secret service of Britain, which contains classified information which is hacked. M(Judi Dench), heading the secret service wants her best agent back on the field, even though he is pronounced ‘unfit’ after a series of test are conducted on him.

On the lookout of a possible terrorist, Bond travels to Shanghai and Macau only to encounter a maverick, abnormally blonde and a menacing Silva (Javier Bardem) who is the mastermind of the recent terror attacks. Silva happens to be a former agent - one of the best at his time which M reluctantly admits later, who turned against her. The man of course has his own agenda. He has been wronged and is out to seek revenge.

The film isn’t just about Bond. It is about his and M’s relationship, it is about M and her journey over the years as the head of secret service and it is about Silva who has a personal vendetta which spills out on the streets of London.

Skyfall is Craig's triumph because the film lets him prove James Bond can impress beyond Sean Connery swagger. But the film wouldn't have been the smasher it is without Bardem. Playing a blond baddie to the Blond Bond, Bardem uses his soft voice for maximum sinister impact, and lets his droopy eyes indulge in more evil talk than the dialogue-sheet would allow. 
Sam Mendes pays tribute to Christopher Nolan in many of the scenes. In fact, Bond even says, “A storm is coming,” while revisiting his past. Many of the shots during the climax, Silvia’s eccentricities remind you of Nolan’s Batman series.

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