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Home Page 3 Page3 Mahesh Bhatt releases Abha Banerjee’s “Maryada”

Mahesh Bhatt releases Abha Banerjee’s “Maryada”

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The inspiring book of poems “Maryada” by Abha Maryada Banerjee was released with great aplomb at RahejaClassique today on the 20th of November 2012.  Mahesh Bhatt, Dolly Thakore and Abha Singh attended the launch adding the extra motivational touch along with AnubhavSinha (director Raone) and AshwiniChaudhary(director Dhoop and Jodi Breakers).


Encouragingly, Mahesh Bhatt and Dolly Thakore also read excerpts from the book.  Said the great film maker Mahesh Bhatt “Life is like the oyster that turns the grain of sand which has intruded inside and turns it into a pearl.  Pleasenote that the oyster changes the sand into pearl simply because it does not want to suffer the anguish of having a foreign body inside it…”Maryada” is like that…it helps you take whatever life throws at you and turn it into pearl”

“Maryada”, a coffee table book, and is a beautiful collections of poems about motivation and inspirational displaying the possibilities of the human mind and intent.Abha Maryada Banerjee observes that one trait she found in most people anywhere in the world is that they are not able to speak their mind freely.  She says “This book helps you to go on a self search thus aids you to build your confidence to the level that you can speak your be free from the naysayers and to be closer to God”.

On the occasion, Abha Singh said “A very thought provoking reality based book of poetry which overwhelms you.It motivates you to face advercities in life living within the limits of Maryada.”

This book of poetry written in wordsunderstood by anyone who has gone through pain,pushes its readers to go on a journey of finding your inner self using the powerful medium of words to be used in daily life.  Written in both Hindi and English, “Maryada” thus  reaches out to the larger audience to touch their lives in a way never felt before.  As theatre personality Dolly Thakore said “the simplicity of the poetry…to write you’re your anguish, your angst, your pain in such a simple manner…is truly beautiful”

“Maryada” composed by India’s first internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, Abha Maryada Banerjee, is also known as Asian Oprah and Asian Woman Motivator.  She is also one of the Top Ten Life and Success Coaches in Asia Pacific.  An expert at Leadership, Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence, she professes ‘Emotional fitness for Corporates’ for excellence in Corporate Performance and for all others, a very powerful tool for personal efficiency. Committed to personal and business excellence, and following a super powered vision of 'Celebrating Human Possibilities', Abha has coached over 2000 People, Business’ and  Entrepreneurs across the World in performance enhancement.

Abha believes that “Maryada”, which also happens to be her birth name, is a very powerful word and her book also expresses through poetry how words gain significance in life and how they become anchors and filters to lead meaningful lives.


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