Mausam's Music hit, glance of Success Party

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Shahid Kapoor  Sonam Kapoor, , Director Pankaj Kapoor  were present at the music success bash of their upcoming release MAUSAM which took place at JW Marriot, Shahid's step mom Supriya pathak and Shahid's half brother and sister Ruhaan and Sana, Actor Anil Kapoor graced the event by his presence

Mausam's 'Turbulent' Relationship with Sky Warriors ,On one hand, where media reports were all abuzz recently with the news that the Indian Air Force has withheld their NOC (No-Objection Certificate) because of their objection to a certain dog-fight scene (aircraft warfare, in simple terms) in the upcoming Mausam, cadets of the prestigious NDA (National Defence Academy) in Pune seem to be impressed at the way the movie has made the air force look 'cool'!

Reports has it that students of the military academy have sent over a 1000 letters to the makers ofMausam thanking Shahid Kapoor for making the Indian Air Force and its uniform 'look cool'.

Shahid Kapoor plays the role of a fighter pilot named Harinder Singh aka 'Harry' in Mausam, which has been helmed by debut director and veteran actor Pankaj Kapur. The Kapoor lad's never seen before look with a moustache and side parting hair with the air force uniform and aviator sunglasses has grabbed public attention.
Cinema buffs might remember that Hollywood star Tom Cruise has provoked a similar mass appeal with his aviator look in Top Gun a few decades ago where he played naval aviator Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell.  photo bye kabir




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