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Shekhar Suman Performing at IIT Festival

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The heartless trailer which has already garnered over 5 million views on YouTube was played out to the audience at mood indigo. The live audience gave the trailer as much of a thumbs up as the virtual one with the youngsters going into a complete frenzy, cheering for the film, the actors and even shouting out their favorite lines.

After the tremendously warm response to the trailer the mercury kept rising as Mohit Chauhan took the mike and sang out- what a feeling- from the soundtrack of the film and what a feeling it was, with the  excited youngsters singing along and dancing to the number.

The sizzle continued with the heartless hotties, Shekhar Suman, Adhyayan Suman and Ariana taking the stage and interacting with the youngsters.

“In this kind of festival the crowd is in the best mood. It’s very important that throughout the year they study in course like IIT which is one of the toughest courses unlike any other regular course or college, so they need to release that euphoria around them, someone like Mohit Chauhan who is right up here a rockstar & he has probably one of the biggest number of hits to his credit. I think the crowd really enjoyed & danced to his tune & this is as I said right moment to be here & to be a part of this festival & share their happiness & energy, everything was just right & we are so happy & looking forward to come back again when the film his huge hit..” Says Shekhar Suman.

Finally it was upto Adhyayan to bring the evening to a slow boil by singing out Soniyo from his film Raaz-the mystery continues, to his fans.

Adhyayan Says, “Crowd  really liked the trailer of the film which is very important thing because people really need to like something for which we are here for & it’s just matter of time that the songs becomes chart-buster, you have to give time, my music hasn't come out yet so I can’t even showcase my song in front of the crowd yet, but as you all know Soniyo has been a cult song from my film Raaz 2 & people loved that song & every time you sing that song it changes everything but I can’t wait to sing my new song when it comes out.”

"It was an amazing crowd, everybody was cheering. There were so many people & it was so exciting. I loved it. Actually I want to stay back & it’s an amazing concert. I think I am in love with this festival, it’s my first year here & the crowd was incredible. Once they watched the trailer of the film heartless, everybody cheer," Says Ariana the lead of the film Heartless

Wild whooping, frenzied cheering, lovely music, hot stars and an excited audience. Young India’s verdict is clear.

They have all lost their hearts to HEARTLESS.



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