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First Look Himesh Reshamiya battle it out in The Xpose

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This is a dramatic chain of events in the most glamorous ,swinging era of Hindi films...the 1960s. It was a decade when film stars tasted success and carried their larger than life screen image on to real life with unbridled pomp and splendour. It was during this time that two ambitious films were made...Ujwal Nirmal Sheetal and Reena Mera Naam. The latter  became a runaway hit while the former was struggling at the box office.

And then the crucial night came. Its one of those star studded bashes at a five star hotel. Suddenly the still of the night is pierced by the fall of a girl from the fourth floor. The film world is shocked at the death of the sensational sex symbol of Ujwal Nirmal Sheetal.., Zara Fernandes....accident, suicide or murder?

At the solemn funeral next day Inspector Grover declares that he has proof that Zara was pushed by someone on that fateful night. The suspects are all present at the burial. Chandni Roy, a ravishing star ,leading lady of  Reena Mera Naam and Zara’s bitter rival. Star Ronnie Mukherjee, Chandni’s leading lady and Virman Shah, her ex-boyfriend who never got along with her. Subba Prasad, the film magnate from the South who openly boasted of creating Zara and Bobby Chedha  a rival producer, now gloating over the success of Reena Mera Naam after deviously sabotaging Ujwal Nirmal Sheetal’s box office prospects. K.D..also known as Kenny Damania, was a composer who hit all the special  notes.. He had this great affair going with Zara, but the opportunist in him saw him netting  his biggest catch .... parallel cinema’s reputed director Shabnam Rai.

And finally Ravi Kumar, brash, bold, stylish superstar with an emotional baggage. He was an ex-cop ,discovered by Subba Prasad as star material and turned into filmland’s biggest success story. Ujwal Sheetal Nirmal is his first Hindi film but he had cold vibes with his leading lady Zara. Ravi Kumar had one secret desire...Chandni Roy and Zara did not take well to that.Ravi Kumar is at the helm of answering the riddle.But was Ravi Kumar the key to the mystery or the mystery itself??

The a film that transports you to a world of Hindi cinema and beyond. The XPOSE is a pulsating human mystery with a love story at the core set to a fabulous music score with songs designed to become the biggest chartbusters of the year!

RAVI KUMAR:.. HIMESH RESHAMIYA :A man with a past, an ex cop who took the book of rules too far .His unorthodox ways result in the death of a convict and his dismissal from the force.But the baggage of his brashness and arrogance holds him in good stead, for the characters he portrays on screen when he switches professions as a  film star. The style and pride with which he conducts himself become his trade mark and his colleagues and co-stars know that they have to keep their distance. Along with his star status,  he carries an emotional baggage...his estranged brother Rajan Anna. But his sentiments, whether they be love or remembrances are hidden behind that mask  he prefers to don all the time. Ravi Kumar, with his final act of divine interference, underlines his image of a riddle wrapped in an enigma.

SUBBA RAO... Sabyaschi Chakravorthy :A successful actor cum  film maker in the big bad world of Hindi cinema, Subba Prasad has seen it all. He holds all the cards that drive the situations in THE XPOSE...His tenacity and worldy-wise approach have paid rich dividends and he now plays the game of creativity and commerce with dexterity. He had the foresight to pick up a dismissed police officer Ravi Kumar and turn him into a star.Presenting Zara as a sex symbol was his idea but he had not bargained with the wolf like cunningness of a rival producer Bobby Cheddha whose ploy destroys his film at the box office. It is a setback he cannot take and despite the critical acclaim, he cannot face a commercial failure. This state of mind drives him to a fateful decision and he tries to thwart destiny with his own hands.

K.D....HONEY SINGH : Kenny Damania sings his own tune as a composer. A double edged sword, he is one who will not shy away from peddling the same composition to two different production houses and bask in the aftermath of the controversy it generates. He has a roving eye too, leading Zara on, on one side while wooing the off beat film maker Shabnam Rai on the other. An opportunist to the core, his two timing ways finally prove to be his nemesis, when he finds himself trapped in the Zara murder case...K.D. is one of the smooth operators, notorious in the film world of the late sixties, early seventies.A charmer , the girls find it difficult to resist him and he has no qualms exploiting this talent of his to the fullest. He is the maverick who gives the film its wicked comic edge.

ZARA PETER FERNANDES... SONALI RAWAT : Fiercely independendent, Zara is the symbol of the star hopefuls in the early 70s who flaunt their ambition openly. She would not hesitate to give a piece of her mind to a rival actress Chandni or succumb to the advances of a rich businessman for the big bucks. Zara has it in her to reach the pinnacle of success and she pursues those dreams relentlessly. Of course she doesn’t realize that her actions could put her on self destruct and that the perks of this life style could be shortlived.She is like the proverbial moth that is drawn towards the flame and then dies a tragic death.Her advances however fail to attract Ravi Kumar and this is one hurt that she nurses till the very end.

CHANDNI ROY..... Chandni never had it easy .Her humble beginnings as a sister and a heroine in stunt films put her on the back foot. But she isn’t the one to give up. When push comes to shove, she agrees to be a sex symbol and takes on a role that could be career making. But she is steadfast about her terms in life and will not let Zara upset her applecart of rules. Or let her lecherous co-star Vikram Raj too close for comfort.A broken affair with Virman Shah the actor ,finds an escape in Ravi Kumar’s silent love.And though she eventually becomes successful, the effort and system have taken their toll.One moment of impulsive hate and envy destroys what she had built up patiently over the years.

BOBBY CHADHA..... It  was his brain wave to turn a simple, household image into a bikini clad sex symbol. Chandni Roy plays into his hands and Chadha revolutionizes Hindi cinema of the early 70s. Chadha also displays his sharp business acumen when it comes to buying over forces that can turn his product into a big success. He is also the archetype film producer breed. A blatant attitude when it comes to encountering a star like Ravi Kumar.And playing to the gallery even in real life.

SHABNAM RAI.....She prefers to be far from the madding crowd of formula film makers and has established herself as a woman director of repute with her off beat cinema. Her only soft spot is music composer K.D who she puts up with despite being aware of his philandering ways. With K D she prefers to adapt an ostrich attitude, overlooking the realities that she would have otherwise highlighted in any of her films. And that is the act that makes her pay the price. Her fatal attraction ends in tragedy.

VIRMAN SHAH... An actor connected with parallel cinema, he has consciously kept away from crass mainstream roles. But when he agrees to do a film with big timers Ravi Kumar and Subba Prasad, he is in a for a culture shock. A confrontation of ideals in on the cards. And to worsen matters, his ex flame Chandni has moved away from his mindspace and succumbed to the commercial world. Between trying to balance his new career move and convince her to come back, Virman is in for a torrid time.

VIKRAM RAJ... VANSH BHARADWAJ The quintessential leading man, Vikram finds out to his chagrin that his flirtatious ways do not always find favour. Chandni, is not one to take things lying down. The rebuff makes him want to woo Zara for his next film. Vikram Raj is a prototype of  the leading man who merely clings on to beauty , glamour and success and will not stop at anything to cement his place as a star.

RAJAN ANNA...ADIL HUSAIN : Love has been, both kind and unkind to Rajan Anna...forced into the matka /gambling  business, Rajan Anna sacrificed his life for his love. And in the process ended up with his dear younger brother Ravi Kumar withdrawing from his life.Rajan Anna’s aim is to reunite with Ravi Kumar, now a superstar but living life by his own book of rules. When Rajan Anna throws the gauntlet at Ravi Kumar, about falling in love to understand how tricky life can get, Ravi Kumar is not convinced. But later when Ravi Kumar realizes that love can throw up a moral dilemma, he realizes Rajan Anna was right. In many ways Rajan anna despite his life of illegal activity, becomes a conscience keeper to Ravi Kumar.

INSPECTOR GROVER...RAJESH SHARMA : Girish Grover ‘s career as an officer in the police force has been tumultuous. His questionable ethics have had a run in with his senior Ravi Kumar’s iron hand and resulted in an ugly showdown. Now Grover has a chance to settle scores when he assumes charge of the Zara murder case involving , of all people, his nemesis Ravi Kumar who has become a film star after being dismissed from the force. Old habits die hard and Grover once again finds himself face to face with Ravi Kumar who drives the final nail in his coffin. Grover is deceptively calm and never betrays the corrupt mind behind the official façade.

DE’SILVA AUNTY..... De’Silva’s  Marina Guest House has always been a haven for the wannabe tribe of actors and has witnessed several memorable moments. D Silva is the agony aunt to paying guests like Zara and Chandni who aspire to make it big. She has a cat’s eye for character and knows which actress to peddle to a rich businessman in exchange for a quick buck. D’Silva’s shady side is always hidden behind a warm exterior. She is the first stop in every actors’ rise to fame.

ALEC D’COSTA,the blackmarketeer...IRRFAN KHAN[SP APPEARANCE] Alec is the one who has seen it all, lived through an era, and is the lifeline of the film. He tells all, exactly as it happened ...the glamour filled lives,the cut throat competition, the ruthless ambitions, the self destruct tendencies and the wild romances of characters caught like a moth attracted towards the flame of fame and lucre...and has the last laugh when he builds his own white dream bungalow out of  income from selling tickets in the black market.He is the lone survivor of an era that only few have experienced. In many words the conscience of the film and its VOICE.












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