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Movie Review, Ishaqzaade

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Movie Review, Ishaqzaade
Producer, Aditya Chopra
Director, Habib Faisal
Star Cast, Arjun Kapoor.... Parma, Parineeti Chopra.... Zoya, Gauhar Khan
Music Director, Amit Trivedi,, Singers, Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Dadlani, Sunidhi Chauhan, Javed Ali, Suraj Jagan, Divya Kumar, Shalmali Kholgade
Lyricist, Kausar Munir, Habib Faisal , Story / Writers, Habib Faisal, Aditya Chopra

To start with, let's just get it out of the way by admitting that whatever the box-office fate of Ishaqzaade might be, it's clear that both, Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor, are stars in the making, even without their pedigree, being Priyanka Chopra's cousin and Boney Kapoor's son, respectively, behind them.

But it's Ishaqzaade's third A-lister-in-the-making, writer-director Habib Faisal, who deserves attention here. While he earned near-universal praise for his loving look at India's middle class in his debut, Do Dooni Chaar, here he deftly weaves together a plot that he calls a passionate love story ignited by hatred.

And that is just what Ishaqzaade is; a passionate love story borne off hatred, set in small town India. The lovers are Parma Chauhan and Zoya Qureshi, scions and fiery young bloods of two rival political families in the fictitious small town of Almor. The rivalry between the two families has been riot fodder in the area for ages, but when Parma and Zoya decide to fall in love, both factions suddenly find a new point to focus their hatred on.

Though the plot might sound like it's been done to death in a million Bollywood films before, it's interesting to see the way Faisal skilfully sidesteps all clichés and packs Ishaqzaade with enough unpredictable twists to create a gripping screenplay. In a way, if the film does manage to strike gold at the box-office, Faisal will have earned credit for giving the old Bollywood staple of love stories a new lease of life. And though it might not seem like it, from the promos and even the first half of the film, 'Ishaqzaade' is an issue-based film, where the issue at hand doesn't come home until one realises it only at the unexpected climax.

With two firebrands at the head, in Parma and Zoya, and the small town of Almor as its setting, Ishaqzaade is a violently powerful love story that barrels through a hail of bullets and curses to its conclusion. However, while Faisal finds perfect pace in the first half, with some superbly written dialogues and repartees, one can't help but be a bit disappointed when the film seems to lose some steam in the second half. Perhaps Habib's editor Aarti Bajaj could have worked to make the film tighter still. Still, Faisal and Bajaj do find their footing again, and when the unpredictable end strikes, all players in confrontation, there is a quiet satisfaction to it.

In realising his vision for Ishaqzaade, Faisal puts together a perfect team to back him up. Chief praise is due to production designer Mukund Gupta and costume designers Varsha and Shilpa, who create avivid look for the film's fictional home, Almor, giving director of photography Hemant Chaturvedi the perfect canvas to play with. With the sheer amount ofaction here, one can also imagine action directorShyam Kaushal being one of the most hard-working people on the Ishaqzaade sets.

That is arguable though, as it's obvious that just like Faisal, the two young actors in lead, debutant Arjun Kapoor as Parma, and Parineeti Chopra, as Zoya, have poured their heart and soul into their roles. The two have the benefit of working off of Habib's writing, which gives them two of the most unique characters in recent memory with their first film (well, the first lead for Parineeti). While Parineeti has already made her mark with a superb showing in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, it's Arjun, whose fluid skills suggest he's a real find for YRF. And the two complement each other perfectly as the hot-headed pair, Arjun's Parma more a light-hearted,gun-toting romantic to Parineeti's feisty Zoya. Their palpable, volatile chemistry, shooting at each other one second, passionately kissing the next, is already half a reason to go watch the film, while the obvious talent they have in common makes for the other half.

Apart from Arjun and Parineeti, the only other notable name in the film is Gauhar Khan, who plays nautch girl Chand Baby, with great elan.

Faisal, Kapoor and Chopra apart, music director Amit Trivedi, who seems to effortlessly put together an addictive score and soundtrack for the film, with tracks like pareshaan, jhalla wallah and aafaton ke parinde earning full marks. Veteran choreographers Rekha and Chinni Prakash translate Trivedi's sound onto screen quite superbly as well.

All in all, there's little one can find to criticise about Ishaqzaade, except a few slack moments in between. Still, if it's true that our cinegoing audiences have outgrown those classic love stories, perhaps Yash Raj's latest release might not be up to everyone's tastes. But with Faisal's adroit writing and execution of the story and a stellar debut from Arjun and Parineeti, this reviewer is sure of the opinion thatIshaqzaade is a film worth watching. Perhaps it's time Bollywood love stories came back into vogue.

Parma: Arjun Kapoor ,, Parma is a twenty two year old, immature, short tempered bully. He idolizes his grandfather, the patriarchal head of the family. A goof ball that Parma is, his only real ambition in life is to prove himself worthy to his grandfather. Parma loves to flex his family name and power. To make his grandfather win the next elections is the primary aim of his life. How far will he go to achieve this?

Zoya: Parineeti Chopra,, Zoya is a twenty something, boisterous girl from an affluent political family. Living in Almore, a small town in India, she dreams of becoming a MLA, like a child dreams for a toy. The only girl in the all-male joint-family, she is extremely pampered but yet not spoilt. She's courageous but not rash. Zoya can be very impulsive but is not immature and is someone who can be very practical but at the same time stands for what her heart believes in.


Ishaqzaade hain jitne fasano mein, milte hain kahan ab jahanon mein.
Rising from the ashes of hooliganism and small town clan wars, comes the love story of a passion ignited by hatred.

Of two people. Born to hate. Destined to love.

One kingdom. One throne. Two wild animals… unpredictable Parma… ferocious Zoya.  A battle… deafened by sounds of hate, revenge, bullets and deceit.

A story… about two fiery bloods played by Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra, and their fight for power and supremacy.

A story about love brewing in a small town burning with hatred.

A story called ISHAQZAADE.  
Follow the story of the ishaqzaade’s as their turbulent journey unfolds in the often unrealistic and daunting political confines of rural India.


Habib Faisal, the award winning director of Do Dooni Chaar and an award winning writer (Band Baaja Baaraat), has also put together a team of immensely talented people, all with tremendous critical acclaim:

Hemant Chaturvedi (Company - 2002, Maqbool - 2004 & Kurbaan - 2009) is the DOP.

Amit Trivedi (National & Filmfare Award for Dev:D and Filmfare Award for Udaan - 2010 & acclaimed musical score for No One Killed Jessica - 2011) is composing the music with lyrics by Kausar Munir (Tashan - 2008).

Mukund Gupta, who won the award for best Production Designer for Do Dooni Chaar, is doing the production design.

Aarti Bajaj (Do Dooni Chaar - 2010, Jab We Met - 2007, Dev:D - 2009, No One Killed Jessica - 2011, Rockstar – 2011, apart from several others) will be editing the film.

Rekha & Chinni Prakash, National Award winners for Jodhaa Akbar and with a long list of outstanding achievements credited to their names over the years, will be choreographing the film.

Sham Kaushal, greatly respected and much awarded for Krrish and Kaminey, is the action director.




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