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Home Interviews Interviews Mishti Interviews By lipika Varma

Mishti Interviews By lipika Varma

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Mishti the new found Kaanchi  the unbreakable" who debuts through "Mukta Arts- speaks in an exclusive rendezvous with lipika Varma

On getting the role- I have done a Bengali film ,titled” Paorichey. The associate director Mr.Arnindam Ray  who is from Bangla film industry,  happens to be the chief assistant director for  Subhash Ghai. He put me onto the audition and thus I qualified my audition  test . Out of a few other aspirants

Difference in Bollywood and Bangla –There is not much of a difference. The only difference I find is that Bollywood is a much larger platform it is on a bigger scale.  Working in the Hindi film industry you get internationally recognized.

Working with Subhash ji- I am happy working with Subhashji. When I came here I had to face quiet many tests back to back. Screen test, look test and acting test. Karthik and I play the lead in the film we were also tested together. He was already selected. We both had to face the look test together. Finally Subhashji never disclosed that I was selected as the heroine for “Kaanchi.” He would tell me that I am working with him as his assistant and he also made me wear thick glasses. Until the day he made the announcement officially. No one was informed that I will be his heroine.

Subhash presents his actresses’ beautiful- He guided me from A to z.The styling of Kanchi in the movie to me looking the character. He always wants his heroines to look authentic. If she plays the character of a rural girl, you need to look one. It is a film, it’s an Art. The character has to look the character and portrayed rightly.

On being prepared-Yes, I was prepared in the sense; he only prepared me for the character. When I had come to Mumbai I had just passed out from my college. I did not have any technical knowledge of acting. After coming here I learnt all under his able guidance.

Playing the bold girl in Kaanchi- In real life I am a very simple girl. I can’t say I am not that bold .I am not a party freak. My life is all about my family my friends, my dog and my best friend.

Definition of boldness- I am super bold if the perception of boldness is that- I have to be smart. Be able to face the World boldly. I am always ready to face the life as it comes. Life for me is not portraying sex and nudity. I have not had any major experience, as I can recollect. I do not intentionally like to portray my simplicity. I am simple by nature .My mother does not restrict any of my actions. My parents are very liberal.  Infact my mom always pushes me out of the house saying, “go out have fun with your friends.” I enjoy being myself. I am more of a solitary person. I enjoy time spent with my pet dog. My interests are few; I want to learn cooking I am not a very good cook. I am a big foodie. I had to control a lot while entering this film industry. I like to eat anything and everything… from paanipuri, ice creams dark chocolates to pastries.

Difference in Kolkata and Mumbai- in Kolkata my life was all about me and my family and friends. Here it is all about work. I was a kid there. I have come here for work I was aware of the fact that, I will not get time for myself obviously,I was prepared for it. Kolkatta is my favorite city .In Mumbai I have hardly seen people enjoying Holi, Diwali or Christmas largely. While in Kolkata celebrations’ could be seen all over. People would start preparing for all these festivals much prior to its arrival date.Kolkatta is undoubtedly, the city of joy! Mumbai is strictly a professional place- it is good money…good work. If you want to achieve your aim, then Mumbai is the right place to be.

Signed a bond with Mukta Arts- I am tied with Mukta for three films. I am allowed to do other films too in between. We are looking for good scripts too. If any character suits me I will be doing the next Mukta Arts film. I do not know if Subhashji will direct the film or not.

On workshop-We did not do any Workshop .Subhashji’s direction style is very spontaneous. He writes dialogues on the sets at times. Workshops we have not doen.He taught us enacting few scenes during the shoot only. He always explains very lovingly with immense patience. He does not make his artists nervous.

Subhashji’s tips- He gave us some important tips. When we work for any film it is a combined Art. But is the vision and the creation of the director. It is very imp for an actor to have complete faith in his director. I am in love with the camera, therefore I never felt nervous… People will now judge my performances and pass on to me when the film releases’ am waiting for their reactions.

Making changes in the Country- It was the demand of the character. I was very confident because I knew he will direct us rightly. He had guided us so well that even a difficult script could be portrayed so easily.Yes1 I play the protagonist who is all for bringing in changes for the betterment for her Country. I would not say it is voicing for woman. It is indeed voicing for the Society in general. Co incidentally the lead character is a woman. It is youth in general, your love for your Country. It is empowerment of human being that is being shown in this flick.

Country lacks at… and how patriot you are at heart- I am patriot at heart. The day I will be able to do something for my Country in real, I shall say,” I am really a patriot at heart. . For Actors and directors associated with film-making or Art- it is easy for us to express it through the Art. We need not shout at the top of our voice. I always ponder over a query- how to eradicate lack of proper education which is a major problem. We do not need to ask or beg for empowerment it is within us. It is a question of realization. Our Country lacks one thing in the people, they do not realize the power they have and how to use that power.

On Politics-I do not know about Politics but trying to learn. I started my career very early in my life, which is like the Kushambi of Kanchi.I was never bothered about the political scenario. I never thought of doing anything for the Country. I would now like to spread education. I have been doing so because I have my own coaching centre. I had many students however, not a trained teacher. This being an easy way of making my pocket money I started coaching students up to STD 5. My friends are happy about me being in the films now. I was always attracted towards modeling.

On leisure hours-I have some time before I go to sleep, I am selective about friends. Most of my friends are in Kolkatta.  …I have lot of friends, but have no special friend.

On Love-Love is a special feeling.  Being a professional does not mean that- I cannot fall in love…love will happen when it happens .we do not do fall in love intentionally.

Define love- Love is essentially a feeling of belonging to each other. A person who will never say to leave anything for him he should never force me to opt my life according to his thought process. I should like to leave everything for him. Force cannot be the remedy.  I have my personal as well as my professional life now. Treading over two sectors of life-being independent is as much important as being in a relationship…both are very important for me. I cannot choose between my right hand and left hand. I will balance between professional and personal life both when time comes.



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