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Subhash Ghai Interviews By lipika Varma

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Subhash Ghai seems to be fed up of the term Showman

Ghai speak-Well! I make films for people from all over the Globe……I am just ged up of the term “Showman.”Whether films do well at the box office or not for me …making films is me important.


When I made Khalnayak in 92 and Pardes in 95. Before Pardes I was asked. Why did you do this film witha new girl and Shah Rukh Khan?  I took four years because I was looking for a subject and nothing excites me. When the subject excited me I did this film.  They told me take Salman, Shahrukh and Madhuri Dixit. I simply refused. Madhuri will not do the film we want a new girl, I had an argument aout it. Khalnayak was a huge hit and Madhuri was a big star. I didn’t want a star for this film.I was looking for a fresh face. Thereafter, I made this film with Mahima Choudhury and Agnihotri.

I remember at that point of time my office people opined the film won’t do well. But I was not convinced. The distributors will face failure. I said is it important to make them happy or is it important for my film  Padres to run.. After the film released do you think that Madhuri would have been right choice? A director’s vision is important. Even during Kaanchi they told me sign Katrina because we have a three film contract with her?  I said no….. Katrina would have done the film. They said sign Priyanka Chopra but I still refused. I wanted a new girl here too. When I made Hero, I had taken new people.

I am releasing the film myself. I won’t feel bad if the film doesn’t do well. I will make films that I want to make. If the subject demands I will do a film with Shah Rukh and Salman.

On missing giving Tiger a launch he adds, “I had given a cheque of 20000/- when he was born as “shagun”. I didn’t have a script to launch him.

I want to tell critic to allow a director to do a film according to his convictions and his own vision. Don’t compare him to any other director or filmmaker.

Undoubtedly, critics have power of pen.  When my parents used to read papers they believed what was written in the papers.

When I feel like acting I open a window and peep into it. My

Distributing the film through my banner was a conscious effort. I told my office people, expenditure for the show is a trend. Because we won’t get the price. We have spent 30 crores on the film. Completed the film within-100 days. We felt that if we should get what we have spent and hence we are releasing the film ourselves.

I have got three scripts ready. I am planning to do one film with Katrina Kaif.  I take people when I am sure that they are dedicated and have dates for me. She is very busy now she has no time.

By Lipika Varma

Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 April 2014 08:16 )  

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