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Home Interviews Interviews Rajeev Khandelwal Interviews By lipika Varma

Rajeev Khandelwal Interviews By lipika Varma

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Rajeev Khandelwal has always chosen films with a difference

Rajeev turns the adventurous lead for Rajshri Productions breaking their mold of romantic family drama films.'Samrat & Co' is a detective thriller produced by Kavita Barjatya under the Rajshri banner.Samrat and Co.

Rajshri breaks the mould. You.You turn their adventure boy.comment?

I can declare right away that something new is coming to the audiences. Internationally those who may have watched Sherlock Homes films they will feel that they have watched films of this genre. In India this will be the first time this kind of a film is being shown. Commercial films for me when you sit down to watch the film and cannot take off your eyes from the screen, then the film is said to be Commercial. This film is just the same. You will remain glued to the screen in totality. This film is stylized Hindi film which surfaces the whole is not a mysterious film like Bomkeshbakshi and other Jassoosi films. Samrat is an enjoyable film.

Did you do some workshop for this film?

I worked for one and half month workshop I was given the script how was my relationship with my mother. How is my childhood? It has no set pattern. It was a big responsibility’s to do a different film. My job was to do good performances’. I was nervous so much of responsibility Rajshri is talking a different track. My director said,” I got more than my Samrat!!

You are a fine actor yet not getting different roles?

…I am doing fine films Shaitaan, Amir Etc…. I do not choose big films which are termed as commercial. At the initial stage you do not know as to in what direction you career is shaping up. Buy yes you start having a particular thinking. When I did Shaitan and Aamir I felt these films excite me more. The commercial filmy world has over 20 actors and they are doing good job. I feel I should not get attached to this crowd, I know I will be clicked more. My reach as an actor will be more. But I do not find all this alluring. When I left my serial I was on the top. But I was aware of the fact that I am leaving popularity, money and fame. I did a very small serial titled”Left Right left knowing small channel and the reach will not be more.

Where do you see yourself in the competition?

I do not believe in competition. I do not think there is any competition. A few years earlier people may have said they have gone ahead of Amitabh Bachchan..They have proved themselves wrong. This is like a marathon in this if any actor who goes a long way, does a variety of roles is said be the winner. He wins in his career but wins not by defeating any other actor. We have a very big industry for everyone to survive. If we look towards Hollywood-every year a new actor gets the award. Every week a new actor is launched. In our industry it is the perception that there is a lot of competition. There is so many films made every year. Competition is there in all fields, if you are good you will survive. I am doing different films to give the audience a different kind of exposure. Every big film is not liked by the audience. According to my experience I have not met a single person who may have not liked the film Aamir. Producers do not promote films properly a pan wala also says it is a good film. Producers did not have enough confidence but now slowly and gradually they are opting for such films.

Do you feel depressed when films do not reach?

Yes! The film at least go till the B.O we can allow the audiences to test it. Table no- 1 has been watched from DVD .I do regret this process. Films with great content get never fail.

Will you turn a producer to be able to take your film at the B.O?

No, I am heading towards progress Table no 21 released with more number of negatives. I will reach to 200 now.

What is so special in Samrat?

Samrat is watched with the eyes of Samrat. It keeps you glued even if you find him standing alone. The mystery will hold you up.

How mysterious have you turned, doing these kinds of films?

My life is very mysterious do not like to open up a lot .I am a little secretive. People say you keep a low profile. You are not seen in Parties. I feel happy when I do some small things I clean my cupboard I cook food. I have a house in Goa.I peddle down on bicycle over there. People know me. I go to the filed out there and bring some vegetables at home. These small things pep me up. I feel great. I do not get the same pleasure while travelling in Business class. I derive this pleasure merely because I demark myself…outside the house I am an actor on the sets. My wife is different she wants me to keep a P.R machinery. She feels I need to promote myself aggressively. Like all others do. Whatever we do she does not understand- like we can park our car anywhere and go o camping. People meet me I do not need four securities and do not prefer having them when I go to a mall etc. Whenever, I feel like I can walk into the mall. I click a photo with anyone. I move around like a normal guy.guy. Rajni Kant is a big inspiration for me. I am a star outside and at home a common man. Drawn lines I love to keep my personal life to myself.

But there are places where you get mobbed?

Yes! It happens a lot. We get both noticed in big cities while in deserted cities we can enjoy ourselves. An actor I got mobbed. I have to run from therefore miss it. I keep myself detached from all this. Detaching is essential my popularity is not for me it is for my character and I am happy with this kind of a thought within myself.

How happy are you the way your career is shaping?

I always have a fire to do at least 2 or 3 films in a year. The ones especially which I like to do. But unfortunately, such films are not made often. Out of ten I may like just two. At times they are not made. I feel very bad. I feel great when I look back. Belonging to small town I never accepted to belong to Bollywood.I also started working on television and doing such films definitely give me a high. People like my films and have an image of doing different films. I have so many well wishers. I got acceptance. What more satisfaction I need, .Looking back I feel satisfied. By Lipika Varma

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