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Home Interviews Interviews A Day with U turns in the life of new born producer Abhay Deol

A Day with U turns in the life of new born producer Abhay Deol

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A Day with “U-turns in the life of new born producer Abhay Deol??

Will he will he Not comply with the T-Series?? By Lipika Varma


The latest development concerning the royalty issues of the musicians, performers /composers and lyricists which the land of law has legally assigned to them. - Actor/debut Producer Abhay Deol refused to comply with the illegal agreement made by the music company “T-series”. Standing in support of his musicans”Shankar Ahesan loy he dared to bare the truth and support “Royality” issues legally passed in favor of people belonging to the musical domain. All the musicians /Lyricists whose who from the Music  industry Federation came under one roof  to address their grievances in an open Press Meet- Sonu Nigam,Shaan,Shankar Ehasan Loy,Kailash Kher,Abhay Deol and Javed Akhtar were present.

Abhay clearly stated,” The onus is with the Via Com 18 as they are one of the producers I sold my product to tem. I am really very unhappy about the fact that T-Series wanted me to sign an illegal agreement which would go against the agreement passed by the Law of the Land in 2012. I always prefer to adhere by the legalities whatever may be! However, I never do something which is being implied wrongly. My film is due to release and I have so many other things to look into as a producer. Also having debut with “One By Two” production is new to me. Agreements were made things were going on smoothly but somewhere in the mid of the completion of the music of my film I was asked to sign some other agreement which did not go well down with me and I refused to go against the law of the land. It is a difficult situation though but I would always abide by the legalities and stand by what I feel is right. Also I am not a learned person legally so it becomes very difficult for me to understand between the lines. By the end of the day the legal words play up which at times are beyond my understandings. However what I understand is that my music will never get a platform .May be someone can down load it from U-tube but getting CDS etc will not be possible.”

Why don’t you use social media platform and promote your music we quiz? Well that’s’ a great idea.” said Abhay “But again if I do go against the law then there will be no difference in them and me. Therefore I can never do it.”

Abhay is getting all the Deol family’s support.” Yeah! Taaya ji is not here. But Bhaiya [Sunny Deol] said,” Go ahead and do what you feel is right.” Finally you have the support of the Deols.” He added smilingly..

Well! During the press meet we started getting fillers on behalf of T-series through ….via com 18 which stated –“There was some misunderstanding regarding the factual positions and we are happy the same stands clarified and resolved between all parties. Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Abhay Deol being the producers now look forward to the release of Music on all platforms and T series is happy to provide their support to ensure One by Two gets the best release. “VMP Company Spokes-Person

Owing to this U turn we instantly quizzed Abhay about the same…Well! If they say the matter stands resolved I am happy about it. But however the onus is on Via com 18.”

Whether Abhay was not kept in the loop about the reconciliation we quiz,” Madam I am not sitting on my bum. My film is on release and I am running from pillar to post confirming things to fall in place. My stand will remain the same. All what I have to do is just go and look into the matter. If the agreement goes by the terms and conditions pertaining to the land of the law passed in 2012 on par with favorable conditions for the musicians to avail their Royalties…then nothing like it??”

Well! Time will tell what next?? If Abhay has complied with the wishes of the Music Company…T-Series and Via com 18 or he still stands by his performers and the legal agreement in compliance to the law of the land passed in 2012??



Last Updated ( Saturday, 18 January 2014 10:26 )  

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