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Home Interviews Interviews Exclusive Interview: I am unpredictable as Bijalee is - Anushka Sharma

Exclusive Interview: I am unpredictable as Bijalee is - Anushka Sharma

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You call her bubbly, happy-go-lucky girl, but she says I am unpredictable. Yes, Anushka Sharma says she is unpredictable. Why at all she says like that, read her Exclusive One on One interview with . . .

1. How will you define Bijlee?

Bijalee is a very complex character; she screams, she looks happy but sometime she pretends to be happy. Lot of layers are attached to her life, she is a quite spoiled daughter of rich father, studied in an Oxford University. No second guessing, carefree and she likes to shock people.

2. Is it the character is somehow like a passionate girl Akhira in Jab Tak Hai Jaan?

No, it’s not at all an extension to Akhira, it’s a totally different character with a different director. Bijalee be happy in a life but to be happy she herself creates a situation that can make happiness for her. She is completely unpredictable and an attention seeker.

3. Can you relate yourself with Bijlee

No, I can’t ever relate myself with this character of Bijlee because she is fully spoiled, drag. It was upsetting for me when I got to know abou this character that how can anyone ever be like this. Bijlee is a very wild, quite abusive, unpredictable and complete attention seeker. I can never be like what Bijlee character is, but yes as I am too an unpredictable girl sometime.

4. Would you ever like to have this happier image change?

So far characters I have played were straight, simple and ambitious but I think all these Characters had more or less different shades and they were not all of same kind. I have played these characters because they were well written, and I am happy that I got this opportunity to play such different roles.

5. We see a complete different look, was it difficult for you to play this role?

I am playing girl from Mandola district from Hariyana. Bijlee is someone who is very fashionable but at the same time she also likes to adopt the local dressing, their wearing but in her own style. So she makes ‘Hatke’ tattoos, colors her hair but she tries to match her own style with local style.

6. How you happened to play Bijlee?

When he (Vishal Bhardwaj) narrated me the script, I immediately said yes to it because it was so hilarious, I was laughing like anything. When I went back home, I was recalling the scenes and was actually imagining it. It’s a very funny film with a real comedy and realistically funny. I was very excited to do the film; there was no reason for me to not go for it.

7. What you liked the most in the film?

The Climax, I liked it so much because it’s superb. I completely loved shooting the climax part of the film. It was a different experience, I can’t reveal much about it but climax is just superb.

8. What have you learned from the film?

Before doing this film, things were just good or bad for me like black & white; there was no gray. But after doing this film I became less judgmental, I started differentiate things in a proper way. It was a big learning experience doing a Vishal Bhardwaj film. The film teaches us that whatever we do, right or wrong always accept it.

9. How was it working with Visha Bhardwaj?

Vishal Bhardwaj is a person who has seen a lot in life, he has so much learning experience from life. At the early stage, I felt different, I was struggling in beginning. But Vishal Sir always told me that doing less is more for film. Vishal designs his pool, he knows how much everyone has to showcase in the film so he treats everyone equally important. He is the more sarcastic person. He has good sense of humor and it was really great working with him.


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