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Home Interviews Interviews Exclusive Interview : I cannot be ignored - Ganesh Acharya

Exclusive Interview : I cannot be ignored - Ganesh Acharya

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We saw his appearance for the first time in chart-buster song "Maara Re" from Rajkumar Santoshi's cult classic "Ghatak" (1996). We also read somewhere long lost actress Mamta Kulkarni quoting "I am in love with Ganesh Acharya" after the song became a Huge Hit. Ace Choreographer Ganesh Acharya talks about his Journey From Ghatak days till 'Halkat Jawaani' (Heroine) (2012), One-on-One with Faisal Saif.


We can definitely label the word 'Journey' for the Life you have seen so far..

Of course. Because when my father left the world i gave up studies. I wanted to become an Actor. But destiny had different plans for me. I saw myself as a Choreographer at the age of 19. We used to live in a 'Chawl' and i used to eat 'Vada Paav' (The Indian 'Burger' as Proud Mumbaikar's say). Life was not easy at all. It was my Father's dream of becoming a Choreographer, As he was a 'Dancer' himself.

Were you nervous when the song (With your appearance) 'Maara Re' got released?

No i was not nervous at all! In fact, I was confident. Today Ganesh Acharya is sitting in front you is because of his confidence. Rajji (Rajkumar Santoshi) always told me that either Prabhudeva or Javed Jaffery is about to do that appearance in the song. But it never happened. At the end of the day, I was asked to do the Appearance. And i did it in my own style.

And that style became a 'Trademark'?

I am thankful to god and my audience who loved me in that song. Whenever i used to walk on the road, People used to sing "Maara Re" from behind. It gave an amazing feeling.

And there was No-Looking-Back situation..

Absolutely. There were lots and lots that were coming on my way. I am again thankful to god. In 2002, I was nominated for Screen Awards, In 2005 Zee Cine awards and finally got the Filmfare award for Omkara (2006) for "Beedi Jalai Le Jigar Se Piya".

Any Favorites?

(Laughs) Govinda of course. But all of the Actors are very hard-working and dedicated. I remember Katrina Kaif (For 'Chikni Chameli') did a 15 Days rehearsals in my studio. She is so dedicated that even i was shocked at one point of time. Kareena Kapoor worked real hard for the song "Halkat Jawaani" from Heroine (2012), You can notice her dedication in the song. In the new (Male) lot, I find the same dedication and sincerity in Ranveer Singh. I am doing 3 songs for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Raam Leela".

You have also directed 3 Films..

Yes. I directed Swami with Manoj Bajpayee and Juhi Chawla. The film unfortunately didn't do that well but i received lots of Critical appreciations for it. I also tried to make a comic masala entertainer "Money Hai Toh Honey Hai" with Govinda. But again destiny was not in my Favor. Then i made "Angel" with new star cast. Angel will always remain my personal favorite.

Do you want to make more films?

Why not? In fact i am planning one with huge star cast. It will be an out-and-out action masala film. But to speak more on it, Would be too early at this stage.

Why Ganesh Acharya cannot be 'Ignored'?

Because i am very hard working and dedicated towards my Choreography. I have my own style which speak for itself. I am not a person who hurt others. But i love to keep people Happy.

Future for Ganesh Acharya

You cannot plan your Future. You have to take life as it comes to you. But i am not a person who get's satisfied that easy. I would like to learn more. Create more. For that, I have to work more. Sometimes, I ignore my 'Sleeps' too. But i am happy for what i do.


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