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Home Gossips Celebrity Flicks Its An Aamir Khan Wave All The Way

Its An Aamir Khan Wave All The Way

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Everyone has been talking about Aamir Khan these last few days. The excitement started with the thirty seconds trailer of Dhoom 3 which was found very exciting, but it was very clear that it would be an all Aamir Khan show.

The film was released on December 20 and the first people who praised Aamir to the skies were every kind of critic in every kind of media and in every language. They were all unanimous in acclaiming the performance of Aamir who they all said was the life of the film and some even completely side lined the other actors to use all the best words only to show their appreciation for Aamir's performance as an antagonist for the first time.

One day after the release of Dhoom 3 Aamir was the special guest at “Mood Indigo”, an annual festival of music, dance, fun and food. He spoke to a crowd of more than three thousand student of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) from all over India. He had a casual chat with the students and talked about his own work, his image as “Mr. Perfectionist” and how he had planned his career which is what helped him to reach the stage he is in today. He asked the students to be very responsible to themselves and their parents, but above all to the country which had given them the freedom to do what they wanted. He also talked about his forthcoming second season of Satyamev Jayate and the only other film he has on hand, P.K because he did not believe in working in more than two projects at a time.

A round of collages in the city found almost every students talking about Dhoom 3 and only praising the performances of Aamir. It was the same in the several schools this writer made the rounds of. His action scenes and his tap dancing were the special subjects which were mostly discussed by young boys and girls and one general secretary of a college said “it is only if we have many more Aamir Khans that we can hope of having a better country, he is one man who can inspire the highest and the lowest, the politicians and the people of the country. He is an ideal rule model for all of us young people of India."

Aamir is the actor who is basically the backbone of Dhoom 3 like he is in all the films he does. The film has already crossed the hundred crore mark in just three days and all the experts are giving all the credit for the grand success to Aamir Khan who was the first to cross the hundred crore mark with Ghajini and then crossed the two hundred crore mark with 3 Idiots and now Dhoom 3. He is the first ever actor to create a record of having three such massive hits in a row.

In the sixties and seventies it was the cap Dev Anand wore in Jewel Thief that became the craze among the youth of the country. Now, after the release of Dhoom 3 it is Aamir's hat that he wears in the film that is slowly but surely becoming the in thing among the youth of the country.


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