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Home Gossips Celebrity Flicks Kamal Haasan at ‘Vishwaroopam’ press meet

Kamal Haasan at ‘Vishwaroopam’ press meet

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Kamal Haasan at ‘Vishwaroopam’ press meet, Things seem to be finally settling down for actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan, whose latest releaseVishwaroopam has been banned in Tamil Nadu, by the state government, for allegedly hurting muslim sentiments. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa has now come forward in support of Haasan and has offered to break the imapasse over his film.

At a press conference in Mumbai, Kamal thanked the film fraternity and the members of the media for their immense support and for helping him fight his battle. “I’m very grateful and truly touched, I couldn’t read all the good stuff that you (media) wrote about me but I’m glad that it came out and the way you stood by me was very touching. It’ll be arrogant of me to say that I was fighting alone, you were there. Also the way my peers, my film fraternity came out in my support… I don’t know how to thank them except for giving out the same love and support back, though I never want anyone of them to ever go through a problem like this ever,” said the superstar.

Reacting to how the issue snowballed into a controversy, here's what the Bollywood celebrities tweeted on Thursday:

Farhan Akhtar: Apart from harassing the filmmaker, isn't the ban of Vishwaroopam ridiculing the CBFC? Should their authority not be protected? And if their decision cannot be upheld, why subject film makers to this review?

Abhishek Bachchan: Offended by a film or its contents? Simple solution... Don't buy the ticket to see the film. Let the audience decide for themselves.

Karan Johar: A zone of shame for a sham of a political scenario. Kamal Haasan needs not only our support but fraternity proactivity... Like now!!

Goldie Behl: Vishwaroopam - why censor our movies anymore when that is not good enough? Just shut it down.

Reema Kagti: Shutting down creative enterprise in the name of religion is the sign of an intolerant, unhealthy and backward society. Vishwaroopam.

Pooja Bedi: Why would people that haven't even seen Vishwaroopam be attacking theatres with petrol bombs? Just shows violence is political and not because of film.


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