Check-out Lisa Ray’s initiative for cancer

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Actress Lisa Ray who went through a serious disease like cancer has now decided to take a new initiative for cancer patient. The actress is Newlywed and so she is going to put her extravagant wedding sari for auction to raise money for a charity to cancer patient.


The 40 year-old Indo-Canadian actress recently tied the knot with banking executive Jason Dehni on October 20 at the picturesque Napa Valley. She wore a Saree designed by Satya Paul for her wedding.

About her charity, Lisa twitted, "Launching the 'Lisa Ray for Satya Paul' collection tomorrow. Auctioning my sari for charity.” The online auction will take place on the Satya Paul's Facebook page.

Lisa was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009, but now she is cancer free.


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