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Chrysialis student fashion show

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Onions, Durga Pooja, Yashagana and Pixiedust rock the ramp at the SNDT AMD Chrysialis show!

With costumes inspired from onions, Durga Pooja, diamonds and rust, art deco, pixie dust, The Ajanta caves, poverty and patchwork, yashagana artform among others,  Chrysalis is the fruit of SNDT University’s AMD’s  labour and mirror of their endeavour in the field of fashion. This year, the Chrysialis fashion show set at The Leela saw an amazing array of fashion walk the ramp…

The Apparel Manufacture & Design Department (AMD) of the SNDT University, is one of the pioneering institutes of fashion not only in India, but in Asia as well. Guided by Shraddha Vohra, HOD – Fashion design Diploma and her able team of teachers including Fakhera Jadliwala, Prarthana Patil, Aparna Garg, Usha Batra, Solange Suri and Komal Patil, the students’ collections speak of the strength of the young designers who have themselves sewn the garments themselves, putting together piece by piece, equipping them to face the real world as tailors of their designer career in the true sense,

Onionares The New Billionaires!,  a tongue-in-check take on what it means to be the nouveau riche today, pieces together a style story of chic resort wear, that can easily double up as stylish streetwear, saw styles that are retro in inspiration and have a flippant air about them. Using the pricey ’onion’ as their main motif, this collection of young, vibrant looks stole the show.

The others that were talked about were The seven yard Shokti, inspired by the rich literary culture of Kolkata and its fervent observance of DurgaPooja, celebrated through its style- the strength and power of a woman. Like an unstitched length of fabric (the seven yard saree)- a woman's strength, resilience and intelligence lie in her ability to adapt within restricting circumstances, and emerge in a whole new avatar- more strong, more powerful, more beautiful and more divine; ever ready to re-write and renew the terms of her existence.

Diamonds and rust found a spark of a style story… charcoal greys singed with burning embers, ruffled edges and flouncy nuances… to old love affairs… and a reference to the 70’s bohemian spirit, Jazz & all that razzmatazz dwelt on Art Deco, and  was an unmistakable departure from previous design styles, drawing incentive from geometric shapes to elicit elegance and modernity, Pixie Dust brought back Peter Pan and Tinker Bell with a collection of sensuous evening wear in a palette of the dark, deep colors of the night takes on a sentimental hue when its dark nothingness is kissed with a scattering of crystalline snowflakes. Inspired by the pure and perfect form of a snowflake, this designer duo have sought to create styles and silhouettes that are worthy Frame for its beautiful intricate patterns.

Asthete spoke of an eternal beauty, un-ravaged by the sands of time- was the fashion inspiration behind this collection. The Ajanta caves with their mesmerising figures, antiquated charm and earthy terracotta colours, provided this designer trio with just the right elements for their fashion story of an eternal style that has stood the test of time.  While The Thrift Drift with square patchwork was  collection of ensembles that revel in making an individualistic style statement.


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