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Home Fashion Fashion Sonam Kapoor and Lara Dutta walk the ramp for IIJW 2011's finale show

Sonam Kapoor and Lara Dutta walk the ramp for IIJW 2011's finale show

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Sonam Kapoor and Lara Dutta walk the ramp for IIJW 2011's finale show , Sonam Kapoor walked barefoot, a la' M.F. Husain on the ramp at the IIJW finale as tribute to the late genius artist. She wore a red gown with floral imprints designed by Shane and Falguni Peacock. Wrapped around her neck was 'Queen of the Night,' a creation of French jewellery brand, Boucheron. The necklace was made of black gold, rubies, diamond and sapphire.

Sonam said, "The neckpiece is very otherworldly and wild but the best part is that it makes you feel beautiful."


And does she have the heart to give back the magnificent piece that she was wearing?

No, I want to sleep with necklace on, I loved it so much." (And burst into her trademark giggles)

She informed that her sister too, helped in her styling. She recalled that the first piece of jewellery given to her ever was by her mother, "As a child when I got my ears pierced my mother gave me a pair earrings with twenty five diamonds studded on them."

When queried as to what she would do if her boyfriend gifts her a really ugly ring, Kapoor candidly replied, "It's not the ring, but the gesture and sentiments that count. And we saw some great designs at the Jewellery week, so even if he picks the worst of the lot …it would still be beautiful!"

Speaking of her much discussed style factor, Sonam said, "My fashion quotient is to be myself. Being comfortable in your own skin is essential."

As regards Sonakshi singing paeans about Sonam's style and beauty, the actress states, "Sonakshi is my childhood friend and is just being biased."

And we thought that actresses could never be friends, well their camaraderie just proved us wrong.

After the fantastic Best of the Best show that ended the first India International Jewellery Week 2010 presented by P C Jeweller; the Grand Finale on the final day of the India International Jewellery Week 2011 also presented by P C Jeweller was an eagerly awaited event. Two shows were presented to accommodate the thousands of invitees who longed to see the fabulous jewellery from top companies in the country.

The grand finale of IIJW met with glittering success as it showcased the best of designs from the entire fashion week, apart from some exquisite pieces from PC Jewellers. The fifth day of the jewellery week ended on a highly dramatic note with dance, drama and of course, catwalk. The backdrop was decorated entirely with Swarovski elements and what added more glitz to the ramp were disco balls and chandeliers.

The final day of the mega jewellery event saw brand ambassador Sonam Kapoor walking in as the finale's show stopper. Also present, as the showstopper for PC Jewellers, was soon to be momLara Dutta.

Sonam looked stunning in a scarlet gown as she strutted down the ramp wearing 'Queen of the Night' from the house of Boucheron. Interestingly, the buds in the necklace have a secret mechanism which allows them to open and bloom into a flower.

Kapoor elaborated more on the necklace that clawed her neck, "This necklace is studded with diamonds, rubies and sapphire. It is wild, other worldly and beautiful. It reminds me of Shakespeare's description of the Victorian period"

The brains behind the event also seemed to go gung-ho over Sonam. When quizzed as to zeroing in on Sonam Kapoor as brand ambassador, Rajiv Jain, Chairman of 'The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council' said, "We thought Sonam would be the right person because she is a style icon and talks like a jeweller herself. Her mother is a jewellery designer therefore she knows a lot about jewellery."

After confirming her pregnancy this was Lara's first public appearance. Lara looked scintillating as she put her best foot forward in a pink gown and diamond choker set. "I love the piece that I am wearing; it has a unique design and indeed is very beautiful."

The show also saw Dabangg's 'Cheddilal' Sonu Sood taking on the ramp.

Sanjay Kothari, Vice-chairman of Indian Gems and Jewellery Export Council and Chairman of India International Jewellery Week (IIJW), thanked everyone heartily for making the show a grand success.

The Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel was converted into a shimmering treasure chest with Swarovski crystals dazzling under the lights. A glittering Swarovski back drop of a palace with curved arched windows, a black and grey striped acrylic ramp and three giant wired lit lamps which moved up to the ceiling from the ramp; was the dramatic setting of the show.

The Terence Lewis acrobatic dancers moved in unison to pulsating music to open the evening before the PC Jeweller presentation and continued with two more choreographed numbers – one a vibrant one and the other to the popular “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”.

THE PC JEWELLERY COLLECTION, Presenting a magnificent collection, PC Jeweller displayed a glittering panorama of their unbelievable creations. Making a surprise entry to open the show was the very ruggedly handsome, Sonu Sood of Dabaang fame, in a beige dhoti with gleaming gold beads and imposing pendant.

The company’s prized pieces revealed to an admiring audience were a sumptuous offering of kundan and polki sets, emerald trails from chokers, rubalites edged kundan necklaces and giant topaz rings. Necklaces with sapphire centres, emerald chains with amazing pearl pendants and cascading diamonds from chokers proved the design expertise of PC Jeweller.

The floral creeper necklace, hair ornaments, the latticed leaf earrings, the rich diamond Rani Haar, the diamond collar with ruby centres, enormous floral rings and arched diamond neck piece edged with emeralds thrilled the invitees.

Ending the show was the beautiful Lara Datta wearing a gorgeous ivory gown and showing a double diamond and ruby choker, armlet, ring, earrings and a wrap, around bracelet.

THE BEST OF THE BEST SHOW ,The Best of the Best Show which followed was a feast for the eyes as diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds and gold created magic on the catwalk.

The piece de resistance single jewellery piece from the participating brands made a breathtaking entry to thunderous applause.  Framed in the shimmering arches of the windows of the backdrop, the models gracefully walked down the ramp wearing the beautiful net and embroidered Peacock Bride Collection created by internationally known designer duo, Shane and Falguni Peacock.

ALPANA GUJRAL – strands of rubies with diamond circles for a necklace.
AHALYA S - delicate necklace with hints of diamonds.
ANAND SHAH – the four in one swirling bangle
PALLAVI DUDEJA FOLEY – gold, pearls and chains with wired gold abstract shape necklace.
LAKSH PAHUJA – The M F Hussain paint brush inspired head gear 
AGNI -    the floral fantasy necklace with luxurious silk scarf     
AMRPALI – kundan Rani Haar with pearls for necklace and a polki diamond choker.
ANMOL – the jadeite beaded necklace and gold choker
BIRDHICHAND GHANSHYAMDAS – diamonds and gold for a necklace with a ruby flower centre
C KRISHNAIH CHETTY AND SONS – ornate and opulent kundan and gems piece
CVM EXPORTS – flat intricate necklace with kundan and pearls
DIPTI AMISHA – solid gold artistic necklace.
DWARKADAS CHANDUMAL – double diamonds choker with centre ruby
EEKANI JEWELS – pearl chains and pendant necklace with a diamond choker
GEHNA JEWELLERS – rows of uncut diamonds set
GITANJALI – the long tentacles necklace in diamonds
GOLECHA JEWELS – rows of pearls and gold insets necklace with cuff to match.
GIA – necklace with swirls of star burst and a firm diamond necklace with ruby centres
IGI - trellis gold necklace studded with tiny flowers
INTERGEM YS 18 – multi floral clusters centre neck piece with cuff
JEWELS EMPORIUM – mother of pearl medallion at the end of a glittering beaded chain and a necklace with a peacock pendant
JOHARA JEWELS – three tiered diamond choker with emerald centre
KASHI JEWELLERS – wide spread diamond bridal set with emeralds and pearls
KAYS JEWELS – kundan medallions attached to two strands of pearls.
LAXMI JEWELLERY wide spread diamond choker with emerald centre
MANUBHAI GEMS diamond and topaz come together for a necklace with pearl drop
MONICA KAPUR – gold abstract necklace with tourmaline detailing.
ROSILY PAUL – rows of pearls with onyx tassels dangling over shoulder
SANGAM CHAINS – large flat necklace with intricate detailing
SAWANSUKHA JEWELLERS – curved diamond and emerald necklace
SCINTILLATING JEWELLERY – cluster of pearls and ruby flowers for a choker
SURANA – lacy gold necklace studding with tiny ruby insets.
TANISHQ – dazzling diamond choker and pearl strands for necklace with emeralds.

THE BOUCHERON NECKLACE.,After the splendid display of the Best of the Best pieces, Rajiv Jain, Chairman, Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council revealed a surprise for the audience. The lights dimmed and a giant gold cage descended from the ceiling on the stage from which emerged the IIJW 2011 brand ambassador, the svelte elegant, Sonam Kapoor wearing The Queen of the Night creation by Shaun Leane for Boucheron. As Sonam glided down the ramp in a flowing red net gown with tonal 3D appliqués, she was joined by Fabrice Martelli, Area Manager of Middle East at Boucheron.
The Queen of the Night necklace was created to commemorate 150 anniversary of Boucheron and is inspired by the flower of the same name. Created with blue sapphires, white diamonds and rubies the necklace has a detachable part which can be worn separately.
Mr. Sanjay Kothari convener of the IIJW 2011 event thanked all the people involved with the event which was a thundering success.
The Best of the Best Show was once again a truly memorable event and one that will be remembered for a long time. The second India International Jewellery Week 2011 revealed that the gorgeous jewellery created by the companies is undoubtedly the best in the world. 
ILLUSTRIOUS PARTNERS OF IIJW:, The IIJW has partnered with some of the best names in the jewellery business. Supported by PC Jewellers , Tourism of India , Swaroski Elements , Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers. NDTV Goodtimes, Zoom, Kingfisher, Zoom TV ,Harpers Bazaar, RED FM and Jashn

THE DESIGNER TOUCH:,Top designers like Queenie Dhondy, Gitanjali Lifestyle, Amrapali, Tanishq, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas, Alpana Gujral’s Aloha will showcase exquisite jewellery collections. Other top brands that will showcase most innovative lines are Laxmi Jewellers, CKC, Rosily Paul, Golecha Jewellers, Eekani, Sangam Chains, Kashi Jewellers, and Sawansukha Jewellers,Dipti Amisha line by Dipti Zaveri , Manubhai Gems Pvt. Ltd , Dwarakadas Chandumal Jewellers ,Gehna Jewellery , Designers from International Gemological Institute, Scintillating Jewellery led by Dhaval Shah , YS 18, Kashi Jewellers , Kays Jewels, Jewels Emporium , Johara ,CVM Exports,Surana Gems and Jewellery ,Sawansukha Jewellers Pvt. Ltd , C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons Pvt and Monica Kapur.


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